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MOM-Brazil mapped 50 media outlets in Brazil: 11 TV networks (9 free-to-air TV and 2 pay-TV), 12 radio networks, 17 print media outlets (daily newspapers and weekly magazines) and 10 online (news portals). These outlets were selected based on their audience share. Their capacity of agenda setting (their potential of influencing public opinion) was also taken into consideration. The difference between the number of outlets of each type is justified by the higher or lower concentration on audience shares and by the geographical reach in each segment.

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The analysis of the 50 media outlets listed on this website reveals, firstly, that, far from being independent, they are owned by groups with specific economic, political and religious interests.

Of the 26 business groups which control these outlets, all of them own more than one type of media and 16 also own other businesses in media sector, such as movie production, book publishing, advertisement agencies, cable TV distribution, and others. Besides, 21 maintain activities in other economic sectors and 7 of these actually concentrate on the latter. National communication groups also have a diverse range of affiliations with regional media groups, which also operate in other business areas. The main economic sectors related to media groups are: education, stock market, real estate and agroindustry, but there are others, such as energy, transportation, infrastructure and health.

The existence of religion-oriented media is also worth noting: of the 50 surveyed outlets, 9 are owned by religious entities – all christian – and, of these, 5 dedicate all their content to their specific religious values. Besides, at least 6 other media entities are not defined as religious but provide content on their pages or in programming produced by specific religious denominations.

The 50 most important national media outlets in Brazil belong to 26 corporate groups, which also own additional publications of smaller reach, for instance on local levels, and operate in a range of other economic sectors and businesses. Of those 50 outlets, 9 are owned by Grupo Globo, 5 by Grupo Bandeirantes, 5 by Edir Macedo (considering Grupo Record and IURD’s vehicles, both belong to the same owner), 4 by regional group RBS, 3 by Grupo Folha, 2 by Grupo Estado, 2 by Grupo Abril and 2 are owned by Grupo Editorial Sempre/Grupo SADA. The remaining groups (Ongoing Publisher Brasil; Consultoria Empiricus; BBC; Grupo Silvio Santos; Grupo Almicare Dallevo & Marcelo Carvaçho; EBC – Empresa Brasileira de Comunicação; Igreja Renascer em Cristo; Igreja Adventista do Sétimo Dia; Igrejaa Católica/Rede Católica de Rádio; INBRAC – Instituto Brasileiro de Comunicação Cristã; Grupo Jovem Pan; Grupo Alfa; Grupo Mix de Comunicação/Grupo Objetivo; Grupo Jaime Câmara; Diários Associados; and Grupo de Comunicação Três) own one media outlet in the least each.

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