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Câmara Family

Câmara Family

In April 2013, Cristiano Roriz Câmara took on the presidency of the Jaime Câmara Group replacing his father, Jaime Câmara Junior, who became president of the Group’s Management Council. That was how the third generation of the Câmara family came to executive management of the Group, founded in 1935, in Goiás, by Jaime Câmara.

Cristiano Roriz Câmara presides a group of 24 communication vehicles, based on the states of Goiás and Tocantins, as well as in the Federal District. His grandfather, Jaime Câmara, was born in 1909 in the Baixa Verde district (Currently João Câmara, after a um senador from RN), in Rio Grande do Norte. The Newspaper A Razão (‘The Reason’), defended 1930’s Revolution that put an end to the Old Republic in Brazil and took Getúlio Vargas into power. In the early 1930s, even before president Getúlio Vargas announced the March to the West, a New State initiative to encourage the occupation of the middle-west region of the country, he migrated to the former capital of Goiás, Vila Boa. In 1935, created, with Henrique Pinto Vieira, the stationary store and printing office J.Câmara & Co.. The control of the company was taken on by the brothers Jaime Câmara, Joaquim Câmara Filho and Vicente Rebouças Câmara in 1937, when it was transferred to the new capital, Goiânia, and became J. Câmara & Bros..

Jaime Câmara was elected mayor of Goiânia in 1958. In 1966, he was elected substitute Federal Deputy for Goiás under the Aliança Renovadora Nacional (‘National Renewing Alliance’ - ARENA) party. In 1968, was elected federal deputy under Arena, but had his tenure canceled by Institutional Act nº 5, in December 1968. In 1982, was elected under PDS. Both Arena and PDS were parties that supported the military regimen in Brazil.

In May 2013, a solemn session for the 75th anniversary of the O Popular (‘The Popular’) Newspaper and for the 50th anniversary of Anhanguera TV was presided by then-deputy Ronaldo Caiado, one of the representatives of ruralists’ interests in the national Congress. Participated in the homage Democratas party’s deputies (the party that succeeded PDS and PFL, both originated by Arena), former deputies, parliamentarians from the state of Goiás, such as the Democratas Senator Wilder Morais, and Jaime Câmara Junior himself, who thanked specially the deputy Caiado. Jaime Câmara Junior is the only son of Jaime Câmara with Maria Célia Câmara. The founder of the Group passed away in Goiânia on October 29th, 1989.

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Jaime Câmara, who started the family group, was also a politician. He was elected by the party of the military regime in Brazil: the National Renewal Alliance (Arena) and the Social Democratic Party (PDS) that derived of it. In May 2013, a solemn session for the 75 years of the newspaper O Popular and the 50 years of TV Anhanguera was presided by Ronaldo Caiado. Caiado is one of the representatives of the ruralist interests in the National Congress.

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http://Democratas. Ronaldo Caiado homenageia Grupo Jaime Câmara. Accessed Oct. 2017.

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