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The online outlets listed in the research are, mostly, portals that offer news and entertainment and which are associated with the biggest national and regional media groups, that also own print media outlets, such as, UOL, Abril portal and ClicRBS. There is also the presence of a foreign portal – BBC – that inaugurated a Brazilian branch. Besides that, it is important to note the presence of two portals owned by small communication groups positioned at opposite sides of the political spectrum: Fórum and O Antagonista.

In order to define the list of the ten main portals under the category “digital media (online)”, we considered three data sources: ComScore (2016 Database, published at Mídia Dados 2017), Alexa/Amazon (july 2017 database, systematized on 01/08/2017) and GPOPAI/USP Monitor do Debate Político no Meio Digital (in the period of july 13 to 17, 2017). We only considered those online outlets that produce news for digital media, of non-segmented interest (we excluded, for example, sports-exclusive portals) or that gather news from partner media outlets, with free access, becoming different, thus, from the digital versions of newspapers and magazines already included in the “print” outlets. We also excluded portals that, although produce news, are accessed mostly for e-mail service.

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