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Grupo OESP (Estado)

Grupo OESP (Estado)

Grupo Estado is currently formed by the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo, Agência Estado, the online portal and by the radio station Território Eldorado 1007,3 FM, among other media companies such as telephone directory division OESP Mídia and difital platform Media Lab Estadão.

Grupo Estado also owns the TV concession of TV Eldorado and Rádio Estadão 700 AM and 92,9 FM, leased, respectively, to Top Sports (Canal Esporte Interativo), to Rede Nossa Rádio, owned by Igreja Internacional da Graça de Deus, and to Igreja Comunidade Cristã Paz e Vida. The group has announced the shutdown of their radio activities, which have been leased for the centralization of investments in digital multimedia platforms.

The recent acquisition of shares in companies that operate digital media, such as Moving and Genial Seguros, demonstrates this activity expansion strategy. The Grupo Estado vehicles operate mostly in São Paulo, although their newspaper has nationwide circulation and their digital vehicles have global reach.

The group originated in the foundation of the newspaper A Província de São Paulo in 1875. The current name first came up in 1890 after the proclamation of the Republic. The newspaper was founded with the purpose of becoming a vehicle for republican ideals, according to the determinations of the Republican Convention of Itu. Among the 16 founders were the journalists and politicians Américo de Campos and Francisco Rangel Pestana, Manoel Ferraz de Campos Salles, Américo Brasiliense e José Alves de Cerqueira César, who was the father-in-law of Julio Mesquita, the newspaper’s editor since 1885. Julio Mesquita became the single owner of the newspaper after 1902.

In 1966, 90 years after its foundation, O Estado de S. Paulo entered a new phase in its businesses, guided by the diversification and growth in media markets. In the same year a new newspaper was launched, the Jornal da Tarde. In January, 1970, the Agência Estade was created. Two years later, the recorder Estúdio Eldorado. In June, 1976 O Estado de S. Paulo, Jornal da Tarde and Agência Estado moved to the Limão neighborhood in the city of São Paulo, which remains the headquarters of Grupo Estado. Finally, in May, 2000, the websites of Agência Estado, O Estado de S. Paulo and Jornal da Tarde were merged in the portal, dedicated to real time information. In January 2003, the new portal had reached over one million monthly visitors.

Key facts

Mother Company

S.A. O Estado de S. Paulo

Business Form


Legal Form


Business Sectors

Media, Editorial market, News agency, Financial data analysis, Education


Individual Owner

Media Outlets
Other Media Outlets

Other Print Outlets

Newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo (6,46%)

Other TV Outlets

TV Eldorado (rented to Top Sports - Canal Esporte Interativo)

Other Radio Outlets

Rádio Território Eldorado 107.3 FM; Rádio Estadão 92,9 FM (rented to Igreja Comunidade Cristã Paz e Vida); Rádio Estadão 700 AM (rented to Rede Nossa Rádio, Igreja Internacional da Graça de Deus)

Other Online Outlets

Portal Estadão Online (
portal iLocal


Media Business

News Agency

Agência Estado

Editorial market




Curso Estado de Jornalismo

Data Analysis

E&N Broadcast


Cannes Lion Festival Internacional da Criatividade

General Information

Founding Year



Júlio Mesquita - part of the republican movement in Brazil.




Av. Engenheiro Caetano Álvares, 55São Paulo, CEP 01060 970(55 11)

Tax/ ID Number

CNPJ 61.533.949/0001-41

Financial Information

Revenue (Financial Data/ Optional)

2016: R$ 413.1

Operating Profit (in Mill. $)

2016: losses of R$ 17.9

Advertising (in % of total funding)

Missing Data


Executive Board

Francisco Mesquita Neto (President), João Caminoto (jornalism), Flavio Pestana (executive and commercial), Roberto Severo (advertising), Ernesto Bernardes (special projects).

Non-Executive Board

Walter Fontana Filho (President), Fernando Crissiuma Mesquita, Fernão Lara Mesquita, Francisco Mesquita Neto, Getulio Luiz de Alencar, Júlio César Ferreira de Mesquita.

Supervisory Board

Missing Data

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