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Rede Vida

With VHF e UHF terrestrial, cable and parabolic antennas coverage, Rede Vida is present, according to the station’s portal, in all Brazilian capitals and in 500 major cities throughout Brazil, reaching over 1,500 municipalities. It is the first and currently the largest catholic TV channel in Brazil. Available in around 300 cities, it has already migrated from analog to digital. The generator is located in São José do Rio Preto (SP) and there are auxiliary studios in the cities of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre and Brasília. The network also broadcasts independent productions. It defines itself as “the family’s channel for its christian inspiration, its moral and ethical commitments, its vocation for service and the appreciation of the human and the social”.

The programming comprises religious programs, besides News, Sports, Varieties, Entertainment, Recipes and Interviews. The programs address topics such as law, health, economy, agriculture and sustainability. Among the more formal religious programs are: Terço Bizantino, Encontro com Cristo, Filhos do Pai Eterno, O Terço, Rosário da Vida, A Cura pela Palavra, Mãe Maria, Nossa Senhora dos Aflitos, and others. Other network programs are: news programs JC TV and Jornal da Vida; Vida Melhor, which receives guests to discuss health, sports, food, culture and other topics, Tribuna Independente, which presents thematic sections and interviews with specialists of different areas (education, politics, family, health, church issues and actualities); Viva Vida, in which the singer Father Alessandro Campos presents “messages of love, faith and peace” and invites other sertanejo singers; Anatomia do Poder, in which the lawyer Ives Gandra Martins discusses the theme “power” based on interviews with personalities connected to public and private institutions; Motivação e Sucesso, hosted by professor and market consultant Luiz Marins; and Caminhos, hosted by Gabriel Chalita, former São Paulo city councilman (PSDB, 2009-2011), Federal Deputy for São Paulo (PMDB, 2011-2015), city education secretary for mayor Fernando Haddad (PT) and state education secretary for Geraldo Alckmin (PSDB), currently in PDT (Democratic Labour Party), he was candidate for vice mayor with Haddad in 2016. The network also broadcasts Telecurso (an education program produced by Fundação Roberto Marinho), concerts and soccer matches and also rents out time for other religious organizations and companies.

Rede Vida is associated with other catholic channels such as Canção Nova, TV Aparecida and TV Século XXI for content exchange. It is also a member of Signis Brasil – Associação Católica de Comunicação, an association that gathers different catholic medias (radio, TV, print, film, internet and formation), created in 2010 in accordance with the principles of SIGNIS World, founded in Brussels in 2001. In 2014, the catholic TV channels organized and broadcast CNBB’s Presidential Debate. The debate between the candidates to the Presidency of the Republic was organized by Rede Vida, TV Aparecida and Signis Brasil and took place at the Centro de Eventos Pe. Vitor Coelho, in Aparecida (São Paulo state), with live broadcast by the catholic channels and online.

The network also has an online portal – Pela Vida ( – which promotes a donation campaign among the catholic community to maintain their activities. The portal also has public interaction sections: Prayer Requests; Online Candle Lightning, Mass Celebration Requests (which are sent to Santuário da Vida in São José do Rio Preto), Testimonies and specific forms of audience participation in each of the channel’s programs.

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Free-to-air TV

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Catholic Church - Instituto Brasileiro de Comunicação Cristã (Inbrac)


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The TV network Rede Vida is controlled by the Catholic Church.

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Dom Antonio Maria Mucciolo, João Monteiro de Barros Filho.

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