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Sirotsky Family

Sirotsky Family

The Sirotsky Family owns Grupo RBS, largest regional media conglomerate in Brazil, based in Rio Grande do Sul, but also present in Santa Catarina and with businesses that reach the entire country. The group owns three print newspapers (Zero Hora and Diário Gaúcho among the ten newspapers with largest circulation in Brazil), a magazine, a regional TV network (RBS TV, an affiliate of Rede Globo), two regional radio networks (Gaúcha and Atlântida), three other radio stations (among them, Rádio CBN Porto Alegr, affiliate of Rede CBN, owned by Grupo Globo), three online news portals, a publisher, a printing company, besides e.bricks digital, which invests in other e-commerce and digital marketing companies.

Founded by Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho, the group’s business have always been run by the family: first by the children Nelson Pacheco Sirotsky, Pedro Pacheco Sirotsky and by the son-in-law Carlos Melzer, married to Suzana Sirotsky. Currently, most of the group’s companies have as main partners a son and two grandsons of Maurício Sirotsky: Nelson Pacheco Sirotsky (filho), Marcelo Sirotsky (neto) and Pedro Sirotsky Melzer (neto). The three are members of the family who, individually, have, according to the Siacco database, a direct share in the largest number of TV and radio companies owned by the group, besides the family holdings.

Other members of the Sirotsky and Mezer families show up as partners in the group’s dozens of companies and occupy important positions. The groups current presidency is occupied by Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, who succeeded his uncle Nelson Sirotsky. The Administration Council is formed by Carlos Melzer, Cláudio Thomaz Lobo Sonder, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer (president), Geraldo Corrêa, Jayme Sirotsky, Marcelo Sirotsly, Nelson Pacheco Sirotsky and Pedro Sirotsky. The Sirotsky-Melzer are partners in a series of other companies in the proprerty, agroindustry and entertainment sectors.

Media Companies / Groups
Media Outlets


Technology investments

e.bricks digital, investing on

Editorial market

RBS Publicações, Editorial market

http://Gráfica Uma


RBSPrev - Sociedade Previdenciária

Family Office

Imajama Family Office Servicos Ltda


For Fun Digital Ltda (For Fun Entretenimento Ltda - Epp


Mzb Comercio de Alimentos Ltda

Real Estate

Terra-Ville Participacoes Ltda


Vereda Educacao S.A.


Maripiera Agropastoril Ltda


Sm - Consultoria e Administracao S/S Ltda, Pedro Sirotsky Melzer Eireli

Commerce (Jewelery)

Juvalia Comercio de Acessorios S/A.

Internet Provider

Sambaads Solucoes Tecnologicas S/A.

Education, Sports & Social Work

Fundação Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho, Instituto Jama

Family & Friends

Affiliated Interests Family Members Friends

NC Group: the Sirotsky Family sold the communication vehicles located in the state of Santa Catarina to the NC group. This group was founded in 2014 by the union of the pharmaceutical activities of the Sanchez Family with other branches of activities. In the pharmaceutical sector, the group owns the companies: EMS, Brace Farma, Legrand, Germed Pharma, Novamed and CPM. NC also owns Bionovis, NC Invest, 3D Reality and other companies.

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