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Medioli Family

Medioli Family

Vittorio Medioli is one of the media owners who developed businesses in other areas before acquiring or founding successful communication vehicles. Are part of this group as well Conglomerado Alfa, Grupo Mix de Comunicação/Grupo Objetivo, Grupo Record and the religious content vehicles connected with the Catholic Church and evangelical churches IURD, Renascer em Cristo and Seventh-day Adventists.

Grupo Sada, founded by the Brazilian naturalized Italian born Medioli in 1976 comprises companies in the cargo transportation, storage, logistics, metallurgy, energy, agriculture, sugar industry, automotive commerce and sports sectors. They also own Fundação Medioli, which focuses on social action in the education and sports areas. The group’s communication businesses are managed by his wife, Lúcia Machado and his daughter, Marina Medioli, president and vice president of Grupo Editorial Sempre Editora respectively, which publishes two of the largest circulation newspapers in Brazil (Super Notícias and O Tempo), besides three other local newspapers, an internet portal, a webTV channel and a FM radio station.

Vitorio Medioli also has a political career. Currently the mayor of Betim (Minas Gerais state) by PHS (Humanist Solidarity Party), he has previously been a federal deputy for PSDB Minas Gerais for four mandates (1990-2006). In Congress, he was the head of numerous commissions dealing in areas where his companies operate: permanent commission for Science and Technology, Communications and Information Technology; Consumer’s Protection, Environment and Minorities; Economic Development, Industry and Commerce; Finances and Taxes; Roads and Transportation; and special commissions for Journalism and Sound and Audiovisual Broadcast Companies Ownership, and for PEC 277/00, related to fuels.

Lúcia Machado Medioli, president of Grupo Editorial Sempre Editora, comes from a family of important Brazilian writers, such as Aníbal Machado, Maria Clara Machado and Lúcia Machado de Almeida. She publishes a column at newspaper O Tempo and some of them have been gathered in two books. She is also a member of PHS.

The patriarch has transferred part of the company’s responsibilities to his daughters in 2014, when he was waiting for a liver transplant, ten years after being diagnosed with Hepatitis C. Marina Medioli, 28, graduated in Economy at IBMEC and in Administration at UFMG (Federal University of Minas Gerais). Besides being the vice president at the publisher, she is the vice president of Grupo Sada since 2014, when she graduated in administration, and, since 2012, executive director of SADA Cruzeiro, volleyball team presided by Vittorio Medioli. Her curriculum only registers one previous activity as voluntary teacher at CEJA (2004-2006). The second daughter, Daniela Medioli, 27, is executive director at Grupo SADA. She currently studies Social Sciences at UFMG. Her curriculum no the Lattes Platform registers an interest in African Ethnology and Image Anthropology.

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Transportation & Logistics

SADA Transportes e Armazenagens


SADA Bio-Energia e Agricultura (São Judas Tadeu Power Plant)


Deva Iveco

Iron & Steel Industry

SADA Siderúrgica


SADA Cruzeiro (volleyball team)

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Fundação Medioli

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