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Marcelo de Carvalho

Marcelo de Carvalho

Marcelo de Carvalho Fragali is the vice-president of RedeTV! and hosts television gameshows produced by the station, like Mega Senha and O Céu é o Limite. He describes himself as a businessman: “My business is doing business (…) The only things I won’t sell are son and wife. I even sell dogs and cats, I sell everything”, he answered in an interview in 2005, when asked if he would sell his shares at RedeTV!. He is married since 2006 with model and TV host Luciana Gimenez. In 1999 he bought, with Amilcare Dallevo Júnior, the concessions of extinct TV Manchete, originating RedeTV!. His shares amount to 29% at the companies controller, TV Ômega Ltda.

Fragali costumarilly makes public announcements and gives long interviews, giving a lot of information about his personal life and some declarations on business interests when he is in the middle of negotiations that have impact on his companies revenues. In march 2017 he recorded a dramatic video using the name Simba – an association between RecordTV, SBT and RedeTV! –, protesting the Cable TV operators Claro Brasil (Net and Embratel) and Vivo TV’s refusal to pay to have a part of these broadcasters’ programming, in digital broadcast, in their programming. After that, Simba managed to close a deal with the Cable TV operators, but for only a fraction of the proposed amount (R$15 per subscription, according to market sources).

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Luciana Gimenez Morad – Marcelo’s wife. She is a television presenter of RedeTV!
Amilcare Dallevo – business partner at Grupo Amilcare Dallevo / Marcelo de Carvalho

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http://Mauricio Stycer. “Se eu não vender horário para igreja, eu quebro”, diz sócio da Rede TV!. Accessed Oct. 2017.

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http://Jonas Furtado. O namorado da Gimenez. Accessed Oct. 2017.

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