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Machado de Carvalho Family

Machado de Carvalho Family

The communications activities of the family started with Paulo Machado de Carvalho (1901-1992), the "Victory Marshal", who was vice-president and president of São Paulo Futebol Clube in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s and chief of the football delegations that were world champions in 1958, in Sweden, and in 1962, in Chile. The entrepreneur and sports executive’s first communication group was Emissoras Unidas (‘United Stations’), formed by Radios Record (1928), São Paulo (1934) and Excelsior (1934). In 1944, the businessman also acquired Panamericana Radio, the embryo of Jovem Pan Group. The Machado de Carvalhos also founded Record TV (1953) and Jovem Pan TV (1991). The former was sold, along with Radios Record and São Paulo, to bishop Edir Macedo, in 1989. The latter became under control of Mix Communication Group, in 1995.

The second generation of communicators from the Machado de Carvalho family was responsible for running business through day-to-day affairs.The eldest son, Paulo Machado de Carvalho Filho (1924-2010), started directing Panamericana Radio still in 1944. Machado de Carvalho Filho consolidated the group of radios dedicated to journalism, sports and entretainment. He was also president of Abert - ‘Brazilian Radio and Television Stations Association’ (1980-1982). Some years later, the patriarch’s second son, Antonio Augusto Amaral de Carvalho (“Tuta”), also started working for the group. He was director of Panamericana Radio (1949-1953), director of external reports and of programming at Record TV (1953-1973) and director of Jovem Pan AM (1964-2014) and creator of Jovem Pan FM, in 1976, when became the senior partner of the Group’s Radios. In 2006, transformed Jovem Pan AM into the all news station Jovem Pan News.

In 20/10/2017, Tuta received a homage from São Paulo’s Legislative Assembly with the Legislative Merit Collar, the house’s most important honor, on o com o Colar do Mérito Legislativo, a mais importante honraria da Casa, an initiative by the house’s president, PSDB’s Cauê Macris, and by PTB’s deputy Campos Machado. On the occasion, members of Alerj highlighted phrases and campaigns created by Tuta, like the slogan “Family is Everything’s Cradle” and the campaigns “Brazil, Country of Taxes”, “I have been mugged” and “Jovem Pan On Life against Drugs”. The family’s communication activities nowadays are limited to Jovem Pan Sat, formed by two radio networks, Jovem Pan FM and Jovem Pan News, gathered in one single news portal (

The founder’s grandchildren followed the family’s steps: Antonio Augusto Amaral de Carvalho Filho (Tutinha) took on the presidency of the company, replacing his father, in 2014. He was the creator of Jovem Pan FM’s most successful show, Pânico (‘Panic’), also licensed for TV Stations. His brother, Marcelo Leopoldo e Silva de Carvalho, is the vice president. His cousin, Paulo Machado de Carvalho Neto (Paulito), also works in the Group, as a director, although not being part of the Radios’ ownership. Paulito, an economy graduate, started out in the group as an office assistant, became an artistic and programming director, financial director and general director of Record AM Radio, executive director of Record FM Radio, of Record TV in São José do Rio Preto S/A and Record TV in Franca S/A and of Record S/A. In the institutional role, was president of Abert (2000-2004), twenty years after his father, Paulo Machado de Carvalho Filho, had occupied the same position. Nowadays, he is on his second tenure as president of Aesp – ‘São Paulo State Television and Radio Stations Association’ and is a titular member of Radio Companies in the national congress’ Social Communication Council. He was the president of the fourth house of ethics at CONAR – National Council of Marketing Self-Regulation.

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