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TV Brasil

TV Brasil came to meet the constitutional demand for complementarity between the private, the public and the state-owned systems of communication by contemplating society’s aspiration for a national television of public character and acting independently of governments and democratic regimens. The aim of its creation was to broaden content, providing a programming of informative, cultural, artistic, scientific and educational nature.

Created in December 2007, TV Brasil is run by Empresa Brasil de Comunicação (EBC), which is also responsible for Agência Brasil, Radioagência Nacional, TV Brasil Internacional, Rádios MEC AM and FM and Rádios Nacional do Rio de Janeiro, Nacional AM and FM de Brasília, Nacional da Amazônia and Nacional do Alto Solimões.

The channel has 0,8% of national ratings (Kantar Ibope). A media consumer’s habit survey by Ipsos Connect reveals that, in 2015, 6% of the brasilian people claimed to watch TV Brasil every day.

The programming has nationwide coverage, and the TV is present in four cities with owned stations: Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Brasília (DF), São Paulo (SP) and São Luís (MA), reaching other 21 states by means of stations that integrate the Public TV network.

TV Brasil went live on December 2nd, 2007, at noon, on the same date of the first Digital TV broadcasts in Brazilian territory. The station became a reference for independent audiovisual production in the country, granting 20% of its grid to this type of programming. Apart from that,TV Brasil participated as a co-producer in around 140 productions in only five years, among them documentaries, series, features and short films.

EBC’s and TV Brasil’s public character was compromised with the Provisional Measure nº. 744/2016, published by Michel Temer. MP 744 subordinated the station to the government, determining the suspension of its Curating Council, with social participation, and strengthening the Management Council, with majoritary presence of government people. The MP was transformed into the law 13.417/2017.

Key facts

Audience Share

0.8% (Kantar Ibope)

Ownership Type


Geographic Coverage


Content Type

Free-to-air TV

Data Publicly Available

ownership data is easily available from other sources, e. g. public registries etc.

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Media Companies / Groups

Empresa Brasil de Comunicação – EBC


Ownership Structure

TV Brasil is a public television network. It is controlled by the public company EBC – Empresa Brasil de Comunicação.

Media Companies / Groups

General Information

Founding Year



Brazilian government (Lula’s second term).


Laerte Rímoli - he was the head of communication in the Chamber of Deputies indicated by Eduardo Cunha (PMDB). He was also a communications adviser for the PSDB and the communication coordinator of Aécio Neves (PSDB) in 2014 national election.


Lourival Antônio de Macedo

Other Important People

Christiane Samarco, former advisor of PMDB.


Sede Brasília (DF) - SQS Q.8, B-50 Asa Sul - Brasília - Distrito Federal - CEP: 70333-900 - (61) 3799.5890, 3799.5411 – .

Financial Information

Revenue (in Mill. $)

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