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Super Notícia

Super Notícia is a “popular newspaper” sold in Minas Gerais state. It was launched by Grupo Editorial Sempre Editora (Grupo SADA) in 2002, at around the same time as other brazilian tabloids (jornais populares) such as Extra (1998, Grupo Globo); Agora São Paulo (1999, Folha); Diário Gaúcho (2000, RBS); and Daqui (2007, Jaime Câmara).

In a few years, the newspaper, which started circulating with only 6 thousand copies, became the print outlet with the largest circulation in Brazil. In 2016, adding up print and digital versions for subscribers, it was the newspaper with third highest circulation in Brazil, with an average of 261,083 copies, after Folha de S. Paulo and O Globo, and ahead of O Tempo, a reference newspaper owned by the group (8th in circulation) and traditional Minas Gerais newspaper O Estado de Minas (14th in circulation), owned by the Diários Associados group.

In a tabloid format, smaller and easier to handle than standard newspapers, Super Notícia is declaredly inspired by Diário Gaúcho, after the editorial staff visited their headquarters.

The newspaper presents a series of features that atract a readership belonging to the C and D classes (lower income classes). Regarding content and presentation, it privileges short texts, with many pictures, entertainment, sports, police action coverage, service provision and ordinary life articles.

It is a cheap newspaper (R$ 0.50, in 2017) and is sold not only in newsstands but also in strategical points such as traffic lights and busy streets. They also promote numerous offers and contests. Super Notícias sells 80% of it’s copies in newsstands and circulation spaces and only 20% through subscriptions.

Key facts

Audience Share

7.79% (IVC)

Ownership Type


Geographic Coverage

Regional state media

Content Type

Paid content (tabloid)

Data Publicly Available

ownership data is easily available from other sources, e. g. public registries etc.

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Media Companies / Groups

Grupo Sada - Grupo Editorial Editora Sempre


Ownership Structure

Super Notícia belongs to Grupo Editorial Editora Sempre, a company of Grupo SADA. Grupo SADA is owned by the Medioli family.

Group / Individual Owner

Media Companies / Groups

General Information

Founding Year



Vittorio Medioli - born in Parma, Italy. He owns the SADA group. He also holds a political career: he is currently mayor of Betim (MG) by PHS. He was a federal deputy elected by the PSDB of Minas Gerais for four terms.


Heron Guimarães – journalist and publicist. He is a specialist in political marketing. During two intervals outside Editora Sempre, he worked as an advisor and as the Secretary of Communication of the government of Betim (MG) municipality.


Lúcia Castro - she has worked at Editora Sempre/Grupo Sada's newspapers since the foundation of “O Tempo”, in 1996.

Other Important People

Lúcia Machado Medioli - writer and president of Editorial Group Semper Editora, Lúcia is married to Vittorio Medioli. There are important Brazilian writers coming from her family, such as Aníbal Machado, Maria Clara Machado and Lúcia Machado de Almeida. She signs a column at the newspaper, some of which were gathered in two books. She is affiliated to the Humanist Party of Solidarity (PHS).
Mariana Medioli – vice President of Editora Sempre since March 2016, Mariana is the daughter of Vittorio and Lúcia Medioli.


Sede Belo Horizonte - MG - Rua Pernambuco, 712 - Funcionários - Belo Horizonte - MG - 30130-151 - (31) 2138.3900 -

Financial Information

Revenue (in Mill. $)

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Operating Profit (in Mill. $)

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Advertising (in % of total funding)

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Market Share

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Further Information


http://Vittorio Medioli (PHS) articula candidatura ao governo de Minas Gerais com PMDB e PT para as eleições de 2018 (2017). Accessed 10 october 2017.


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