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Record News

Record News is the first free TV station entirely dedicated to journalism, one of the reasons why it reaches a higher rating than its competitors GloboNews and BandNews, broadcasted only on cable TV. The station, inaugurated on September 27th, 2007, with the presence of then-President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) and then-governor of São Paulo José Serra (PSDB), took the signal of the extinct Mulher Network, that had been founded by media entrepreneur Roberto Montoro in 1994 and purchased by the Record Group in 1999. The operation was questioned, including by Intervozes as being illegal. On the occasion, Globo Network also questioned the operation and formalized a consultation within the Communication Ministry on the legality of having one group operating two free tv channels in one city (RecordNews and RecordTV).

The project was inaugurated during Alexandre Raposo’s tenure as president of Rede Record de Televisão (2005-2013). His run was marked by a bigger investment of the Record Group in dramaturgy (see RecordTV), sports and journalism. Besides inaugurating the news channel, Raposo also created RecNov, Record’s dramaturgy complex based in Rio de Janeiro, and launched the news portal R7. Raposo also acquired the rights of transmission for the 2007, 2011, 2015 and 2019 Pan American Games, and for 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games.

Record News debuted with a network consisting of 101 affiliate stations and transmitters in different Brazilian states, and nowadays reaches, according to the corporation, 391 Brazilian cities and is also present in Germany, France, Portugal, Angola and Mozambique.

The station’s grid consists of 10 newscasts. The main one being Jornal da Record News, hosted by Heródoto Barbeiro, a journalist and historian, former anchor of one of the most successful educational TV shows in Brazil, Roda Viva (TV Cultura). The news show was launched with a team of commentators that included names like David Uip, Beth Goulart, Daniel Castro, Rubens Ewald Filho, Nirlando Beirão and Ricardo Kotscho, some of them known for being critics of Brazilian Media, especially of the Globo Network, as well as Paulo Henrique Amorim, an anchor at RecordTV. However, according to Folha de S. Paulothe commentators were progressively being dismissed; with Nirlando and Kotscho being the last ones, in October 2017. Other journalistic shows include Hora News, Record News (that has interaction with viewers via social media), Record News Rural ("agribusiness news, agricultural entrepreneurship, quotes and rural behavior") and Repórter em ação (a collection of the main news by RecordTV). It also broadcasts newscasts from RecordTV’s grid: Jornal da Record, hosted by Celso Freitas and Adriana Araújo, Fala Brasil, Esporte Fantástico, Domingo Espetacular and Câmera Record.

The rest of the grid consists of the following programming: Cartão de Visita (‘Business Card’ - an interview show about careers); Companhia de Viagem (‘Travel Company’ - presenting touristic destinations in Brazil and in other countries); Eco Record News Amazônia (presenting natural beauties and giving tips on sustainable lifestyle); Momento Moto (‘Bike Moment’ - about motorcycling); Grandes Nomes da Propaganda (‘Great names of Advertising’ - case reports, brands, awards, events and curiosities of the marketing area); Nascar (with a contract of transmission rights signed along with the US racing competition); Ressoar (‘Resound’ - with the same name as the Record Group’s social responsibility project, the show presents third sector projects); Zapping (varieties show about television, cinema, internet, fashion, music, entertainment, behavior and health).

The station also exhibits the religious show Escola do Amor Responde, hosted by Edir Macedo’s daughter and his son-in-law, Cristiane and Renato Cardoso, daily from 2pm to 3pm.

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Free-to-air TV

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Grupo Record


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The TV network Record TV belongs to Grupo Record. The group is owned by Edir Macedo and Ester Bezerra.

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Edir Macedo – main owner of Grupo Record and leading bishop of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God.


Luiz Claudio Costa - president of Record TV since 2013, he has held several positions in the Record Group since 1994.


Douglas Tavolaro de Oliveira - he is nephew of Edir Macedo. He is the Journalism and Sports VP of the Grupo Record since 2009. He coordinates RecordNews, the journalism and sports areas of and the editorial project of the news portal R7.


Sede São Paulo (SP) - Alameda Ministro Rocha Azevedo, 395 - Cerqueira César - São Paulo - SP - 01410-001 - Telefone: (11) 3300.6180 - Website: .

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http://UOL. Canal de reprises e de aluguel, RecordNews será relançada. Accessed October 2017


http://R7. Record News. Acessed Oct 2017.

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