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Portal Abril was founded in 1999 as a news and entertainment portal gathering dozens of pages with different services and content, such as Portal da Viagem, in a partnership with online flying tickets sales company In 2013, however, due to the economic crisis faced by Grupo Abril, the portal stopped producing information and the address became the institutional website for the group. However, (or is still one of the most visited pages in Brazil for hosting many of the group’s magazines’ content, Veja, the largest weekly magazine in circulation in the country, with over 1.1 million copies, among them.

Besides print magazine websites, the portal currently gathers some online only magazines, such as, and The portal also sends segmented newsletters with each of the magazines' content to users who subscribe.

According to Alexa (July 2017) data, the Abril portal is the 29th most visited website in Brazil, and the 3rd most visited news portal, behind (Grupo Globo) and UOL (Grupo Folha), all of them portals that produce their own content and that offer e-mail services. Alexa also shows that, within the portal, the most accessed contents are those of Exame magazine (, with 30.47% of the accesses, followed by Veja (, with 26.25% of accesses; Veja SP comes in 6th place, with 5.27%. Among the most searched keywords by portal users are “veja”, “exame”, “revista veja” and “Reinaldo Azevedo”, a conservative journalist and commentator.

Veja’s portal also appears among the three most shared political news websites on Facebook, according to the Monitor do Debate Político no Meio Digital (Digital Media Political Debate Monitor – GPOPAI/USP, July 2017). Besides that, Exame and Veja magazines appear, respectively, in the third and seventh positions on the Torabit Index  (news segment), which measures engagement on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Before founding, Grupo Abril created, in 1996, the Brasil Online ( portal, a news and entertainment portal, e-mail service and internet provider that is currently owned by UOL (Grupo Folha). The portal became popular in Brazil for being the first to offer their users free e-mail services. Still today, according to Alexa data, the portal is visited mainly for e-mail access.

The two magazines that generate the most accesses to the portal – Exame and Veja – have a team of famous columnists hosting their blogs on the portal. The Veja portal hosts the blogs of Silvio Navarro, Veja editor; economist Maílson da Nóbrega, former Finance Minister; Sérgio Praça, professor and researcher at FGV (Fundação Getúlio Vargas); João Batista Araújo e Oliveira, former Ministry of Education, executive secretary during Fernando Henrique Cardoso’s presidency and collaborator at Instituto Millenium; besides political humor blog Sensacionalista. The magazine lost their most accessed columnist Reinaldo Azevedo, who resigned in March 2017, after conversations with Andrea Neves, senator Aécio Neves’ (PSDB-MG) sister, leaked in the media, in which he made criticism of an article published by Veja. Among the columnists hired in 2016 are Mauricio Lima, Dora Kramer and Lillian Witti Fibe.

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Grupo Abril


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Veja belongs to Grupo Abril. The group is owned by the Civita family (70%) and by the South African media conglomerate Naspers (30%).

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Roberto Civita - He inherited the control of Grupo Abril and the group's magazine business from his father, Victor Civita. Roberto Civita was a member of the conservative think-thank Millenium Institute.


Walter Longo - president of Grupo Abril since 2016. He is responsible for media operations, graphics and distribution. Longo is a publicist and manager with a major in Marketing in the United States. Before that he was the President and CEO of Grey Brazil


Alecsandra Zapparoli Zanotti - Editor-in-Chief and publisher of Editora Abril since march 2016. Since 2008 she has held important positions in Grupo Abril. Before that, she worked at the newspapers DCI and O Estado de S.Paulo (SP) and at Editora Globo (SP

Other Important People

Columnists of (Veja): Mauricio Lima, Augusto Nunes, Dora Kramer, J.R. Guzzo, Silvio Navarro, Lillian Witti Fibe, Maílson da Nóbrega, Isabela Boscov, João Pedroso de Campos, Vilma Gryzinski, Maicon Tenfen, Tatiana Cunha, Ione Aguiar, Dias Lopes, Sérgio Praça, Sérgio Martins, Jerônimo Teixeira, João Batista Oliveira, among others.

Columnists of (Exame): Celso Toledo (LCA Consultores), Luciana Allan (Instituto Crescer), Eduardo Moreira (Brasil Plural group), Felipe Scherer, Luiz Rogé, Joel Pinheiro da Fonseca, Lucas de Aragão (Arko Advice consulting), Luiz Carlos Mendonça de Barros (former president of BNDES and former Minister of Communications of the government of Fernando Henrique Cardoso/PSDB), Monica de Bolle (Peterson Institute for International Economics), Paul Krugman (Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences), Ricardo Sennes (Prospectiva consulting), Sérgio Vale (MB Associados consulting), Silvio Genesini (former president of Grupo Estado and of Oracle do Brasil, managing partner of Accenture), besides a blog from the conservative think thank Millenium Institute.


Sede São Paulo (SP) - Avenida das Nações Unidas, 7221 - Pinheiros - São Paulo - SP - CEP: 05425-902 - (11) 3037.2000 - - .

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