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O Estado de Minas

The Estado de Minas newspaper was created in 1928 with the purchase of the assets of Diário da Manhã by Pedro Aleixo, Mendes Pimentel and Juscelino Barbosa – the former two being members of Belo Horizonte’s deliberative council, the current City Council, and the latter being director of Minas Gerais’ Mortgage and Agricultural Bank. The three joined Milton Campos and Abílio Machado to create the partnership. Diário da Manhã ('The Morning Diary') is considered to be the first major journalistic company from Minas Gerais.

Aleixo became the director of the Estado de Minas newpaper and assembled a team that would have an important role in national culture and politics, gathering Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Mílton Campos, Francisco Negrão de Lima, Manuel Teixeira de Sales, among others. In 1929, Barbosa left the partnership and the newspaper, under the direction of de Pimentel and Aleixo it adopted a more political tone.

In 1929, Estado de Minas was purchased by Assis Chateaubriand to be incorporated by the Diários Associados Group, in a period of frank business expansion – that would culminate in the following decades in the formation of the biggest Latin-American communication conglomerate. In 1930, it had its name changed to Estado de Minas. In 1979, was inaugurated the Geraldo Teixeira da Costa Graphic Park, boosting its circulation.

Estado de Minas was the first media outlet to launch an internet access provider, Uai, in 1996. From that point on, the same strategy was reproduced by the group in their other printed mediums. According to the National Newspapers Association (ANJ), it has kept itself among the 15 newspapers of largest circulation in the country in recent years. It also publishes the Aqui MG newspaper, with content focused on sports, police and television – also present in the list of the 15 newspaper with largest circulation in Brazil.

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Grupo Diários Associados


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O Estado de Minas belongs to Grupo Diários Associados. The group is controlled by Condomínio Acionário das Emissoras e Diários Associados.

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Juscelino Barbosa, Álvaro Mendes Pimentel and Pedro Aleixo


Álvaro Teixeira da Costa


Carlos Marcelo Carvalho and João Bosco Martins Sales.


Sede Belo Horizonte (MG) - Av. Getúlio Vargas, 291 - Funcionários- Belo Horizonte – MGCep: 30112-020 - (31) 3263.5231 – .

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