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GloboNews is a pay TV new channel owned by Grupo Globo which broadcasts journalistic content 24/7. In 2016, GloboNews became the pay TV channel with the third largest audience in Brazil, only behind the children channels Discovery Kids and Cartoon Network. In 2017, at times, the channel’s audience surpassed even open TV channels’ SBT and Record, only staying behind the groups main broadcaster TV Globo. GloboNews is an audience leader among pay TV news channels and has the best brand prestige ratings among its rivals.

The GloboNews project began in 1994 when Evandro Carlos de Andrade, who left O Globo newspaper’s direction after 24 years, took over TV Globo’s Journalism and Sports direction. He invited Alice-Maria Reiniger back to the company, who had left Grupo Globo along with Armando Nogueira (then TV Journalism director) in 1990. Under Alice-Maria Reiniger and Evandro Carlos de Andrade, GloboNews appeared in October 15th, 1996, inspired by the successful international cable news TV model (such as CNN), initially going through a test period. The programming was transmitted in an internal network until the language was adjusted and the hosts were selected. GloboNews first aired with national and international news highlights. Although it is restricted to cable and satellite TV subscribers, it was the first news channel in Brazil.

The programming presents distinguished commentators who usually have an economically liberal and morally conservative ideological stance.

With different hosts, the Jornal GloboNews – airing at 5AM, 7AM, 8AM, 10AM, 12AM, 1PM, 4PM and 6PM – brings “Brazil's and the World’s most important news”. The day’s last two editions, due to the audience’s volume, have more experienced journalists as hosts: Christiane Pelajo, former partner of William Waack at the Jornal da Globo (TV Globo) hosts the 4PM edition, while Leilane Neubarth hosts the 6PM edition, both with a conservative profile. Everyday the channel broadcasts the Jornal das Dez (at 10PM), anchored by Renata Lo Prete, with live presenters from Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Brasília, New York and Washington streets. Commentators and correspondents in South America, Europe and Middle East analyze the news, and Merval Pereira, columnist at O Globo newspaper, also provides analyzes and commentaries.

The “Manhattan Connection” intends to provide a “combination of differentiated information”, as the program describes itself institutionally. It is hosted by journalist Lucas Mendes, who created the show along with Paulo Francis, a conservative figure respected in progressive segments. Other hosts are Caio Blinder (US); Diogo Mainardi (Italy); Pedro Andrade (US and Brazil); and Ricardo Amorim (Brazil). Ricardo Amorim also maintains a consulting company specialized in stock markets in Brazil.

Further, there is “Fatos e Versões”, a program in which Cristiana Lobo addresses the political backstage along with journalists from other outlets. It used to be hosted by Franklin Martins until 2007, who left the channel to occupy the position of Communication’s Secretary for President Lula's second mandate. Politics is also a central issue in programs such as “Roberto D’Avila”, “Diálogos com Mario Sergio Conti” and “GloboNews Painel”, which is hosted by William Waack, anchor for the Jornal da Globo (TV Globo).

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Paid TV

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Grupo Globo


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The paid-TV channel GloboNews belongs to Grupo Globo. The group is owned by the Marinho family.

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Roberto Marinho – Grupo Globo.


Carlos Henrique Schroder – journalist, became general director in 2013.


Eugenia Moreyra. She announced she will be retiring in the end of 2017, and that she will be replaced by Miguel Athayde.


Sede Rio de Janeiro (RJ) - Rua Von Martius, 22 - Jardim Botânico - Rio de Janeiro - RJ - CEP: 22460-040 - .

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