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The portal is Globo Group’s Internet branch, the biggest media conglomerate in Latin America, with offices in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Porto Alegre. It aggregates the biggest vertical web portals in Brazil, with News (G1), Sports (, Videos (Globo Play), and, until 2017, Celebrities (Ego).

Besides that, the company acts as a service provider, strategical and technological support on the Internet for all other media business of the organization. It has a prominent position in the distribution of high volume web and is responsible for the largest simultaneous audience for video streaming in the country.

At least 187 websites with relevance in terms of editorial production and ratings integrate the portal. Launched in 2006, G1, the portal’s branch of stricto sensu journalism, has 52 directly connected thematic sections (called “content verticals”), including the local and regional news pages they keep. In the portal alone, another branch of the main portal, there are 33 thematic divisions that go from football to “Stockcar”, the national automobile championship.

With 40 subpages in “GShow” and 15 more in “Famosos & Etc.”, also covers its own marketing for Globo’s productions (soap operas, series, comedies), supporting the station's “star system”. The portal also hosts the subpages of 19 titles of Globo Publishing, and 19 websites for the channels kept by the Globo Group on Cable TV services. also hosts the websites of the musical producer Som Livre, the cinema co-producer Globofilmes, the stations from the Globo RadioSystem, and the online versions of three printed newspapers (Infoglobo) by the holding.

The G1 Portal, created in 2006, has affiliation connections with important regional groups for the production of local content in all 27 unities of the Federation, including productions specially created for specific regions of the states. These pages are kept by the communication groups to which the affiliated stations of Globo TV Network are connected. Since 2010, Globo advised the local communication groups to build their own “local” G1 structures.

Some of the regional communication conglomerates that keep commercial relations with the Globo Group are: Rede Mirante (Sarney Family, MA), Verdes Mares System (Edson Queiroz Group, CE), TV Gazeta (Anon de Mello Organization, Collor Family, AL), Rede Bahia (Magalhães Family, BA), Rede Amazônica (Daou Family, AC, AP, AM, RO, RR), Rede Liberal (Maiorana Group, PA), Rede Anhanguera (Jaime Câmara Group, GO, TO) e Rede Matogrossense (Zahran Group, MT, MS). Several of which are run by politics of high regional and national relevance.

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Grupo Globo


Ownership Structure belongs to Grupo Globo, which is owned by the Marinho family.

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1996 (O Globo Online), 2000 (


Grupo Globo - Roberto Marinho


Juarez Queiroz – he was Marketing Director at Telemar (Oi). Previously, he was Marketing and Sales Director at Souza Cruz S.A. He was also director of ABA (Brazilian Advertisers Association), IVC (Institute Verifier of Communication) and AMI (Interactive


Fabrício Vitorino – he is the editor of's Home. He was the editor-in-chief of TechTudo for five years, between 2012 and 2016.

Other Important People

G1, the news website of, was created in 2006. It has affiliation relations with important regional groups for the production of local content in all states. Since 2010, Globo has guided local affiliated communication groups to set up their own "local" G1 structures. Some of these groups are controlled by families with strong political ties in these locations. Among these groups:
- TV Gazeta (Família Collor – AL)
- Rede Bahia (Família Magalhães – BA)
- Rede Mirante (Família Sarney – MA)
- Rede Amazônica (Família Daou – AC, AP, AM, RO, RR)
- Rede Liberal (Grupo Maiorana – PA)
- Rede Anhanguera (Grupo Jaime Câmara – GO and TO)
- Rede Matogrossense (Grupo Zahran – MT and MS)
- Sistema Verdes Mares (Grupo Edson Queiroz – CE)


Rua Evandro Carlos de Andrade, 160 Vl. Cordeiro - São Paulo - São Paulo - CEP: 04583-115,, .

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